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Whether divorcing or divorced or in the midst of a break-up,  these groups encourage persons to find recovery and support.



Self-awareness and Healing

New Beginnings

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Did You Know

Divorce is not just a legal process.  There are six “experiences” of divorce, including the legal divorce.  Divorce and Break-up recovery classes can help you through the other five experiences.

  • Emotional divorce 
  • Economic divorce 
  • Co-parental divorce 
  • Community divorce 
  • Psychic divorce 


You are not alone and we can help you through each of these phases and experiences.



Who We Are

The people who lead the classes and discussions are Facilitators.  Our facilitators have gone through a 16-20 hour intensive training focusing on understanding the divorce & break-up process and the recovery process needed during and after a divorce or break-up.  After the intensive training, the facilitators do “internships” where they help to teach classes and get more hands-on experience.

We are called “Facilitators” because we do not provide counseling or therapy.  The groups are educational and provide valid and reliable information that can be helpful in the recovery process.  Although no therapy takes place, this support can be very therapeutic.  All of the facilitators are volunteers and do not receive any pay for this service.

Don Canfield


Kathy Christenson


Paula Higbee


David Wetzel

Facilitator / Web presence

Courtney Ray


Interested in becoming a facilitator of these classes?


Our Classes

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Who Can Attend?

All divorce/break-up recovery groups are offered to anyone. 


What Is The Cost?

We realize that finances affect a significant percentage of people going through divorce and break up.  Because of that reality,  all of our classes are offered at no charge! Any and all donations are welcome with 100% of proceeds returned directly back to divorce/recovery support and resources.


Where Are The Meetings Held?

We provide a variety of locations to make it more convenient for attendance.  See the Contact/Registration page for more information.


What About Child Care?

Although not guaranteed for every group session, attempts will be made to provide child care if needed.  We attempt to provide quality child care without cost for group classes.  Pre-registration is required when child care is offered.



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Melina Martin

Recovery II Class, Fall 2018


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